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The effect of desynchronizing effects of transmeridian flights on the chronoresistance of athletes

Sergey N. Yezhov(1), Anna V. Yashchuk(2), Timofey P. Afinogenov(1), Roman S. Kalenik(1), Roman V. Romanov(1) 1-Vladivostok Branch of the Far Eastern Law Institute, Vladivostok, Russia 2-Vladivostok Branch of the «Clinic for Pain Treatment» LLC, Vladivostok, Russia

Objective: to study the effect of transmeridian air movements in contrasting geosocial conditions of competition on the direction and duration of stabilization of the chrono-resistance of athletes during periods of desynchronosis. Materials and methods: the study involved 103 highly skilled athletes – men of various specialties (age 22.6 ± 4.2 years). On the model of air movements across 7 time zones, the frequency, structure, and focus of reducing or increasing medical circulation reflecting the body's resistance during chronoadaptation were analyzed. Results: before the flight, athletes' visits to the doctor were rare exceptions. After air travel, pathological manifestations in health status were detected in more than 40% of migrants. Over 50% of the medical treatment accounted for well-compensated foci of chronic infection, relapses of erased diseases and injuries. The maximum frequency of medical treatment was observed at the 2-3rd week after the flight, at the 5th week - sporadic, but higher than in the "home" conditions. Conclusions: for the relative stabilization of the body's resistance in athletes in contrasting geo-modern regions, more than a month of acclimatization is required. The minimal decrease in the chrono-resistance direction is manifested at 2-3 weeks after the flight in the stage of transition of «acute» desynchronosis to hidden

transmeridian air movements, chronoadaptation, desynchronosis, chrono-resistance, morbidity